Fluffy and Tempo visit Carnegie Hall

Fluffy and Tempo visit Carnegie Hall $22.99

About the Book

‘Fluffy and Tempo visit Carnegie Hall’ is available on Lulu.com $22.99 and it is worth it!

We are so happy you are interested in purchasing our first installment of Fluffy Adventures. Press the image above to be directed to the purchasing page. And check back soon for the second in the series titled “Fluffy and Tempo and the Nutcracker”

Created by Khatia Esartia. Dr. Ray Wong, ‘Fluffy and Tempo visit Carnegie Hall’ accompanied by Camille Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of the Animals, is a 57 page, 26 color imagery illustrated art book for children.

The book follows Fluffy, a young girl and her sidekick Tempo, a west highland terrier dog, in their musical adventures inside Carnegie Hall. The book is accompanied by the colorful and humorous musical suite of Camille Saint-Saëns’ “Carnival of the Animals.” Children are encouraged to listen to the musical suite with 14 different movements while looking through illustrative images as Fluffy’s imagination takes shape. The book also involves the reader/listener in participation with a page for Fossils movement, that involves coloring while listening to the score (available on the provided QR code)

There are 14 movements, each representing a different animal or animals playing classical instruments.

Follow Fluffy and Tempo as they make musical friends and memories on their adventure in Carnegie Hall.

Fluffy and Tempo Sneak inside Carnegie Hall

Copyright Khatia Esartia 2021

Movement III Wild Donkeys, Swift Animals

Copyright Khatia Esartia 2021

Movement VII Aquarium

Copyright Khatia Esartia 2021

Movement XI Pianists

Copyright Khatia Esartia 2021

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