Teacher’s pet

When I was in grade school I was sure I knew everything. I knew the multiplication table, I knew the map of the city I lived in. I knew all the names of the important Soviet leaders. (They were all important). What else was there? My teacher hated me. Hated. It pissed him off evenContinue reading “Teacher’s pet”


Muralists in the making

      One day, while waiting for a very very very very very very very long time to be over, my sister and I decided to paint our little hearts out on the living room wall. And then our parents came home. I don’t know why my parents didn’t recognize two talented Muralists in the making,Continue reading “Muralists in the making”

If Genius is not found, then find Husband.

As a young child, I had wanted to find something I was exceptionally good at. I had tried sports, I had tried musical instruments, I had even tried learning languages, but nothing clicked. In kindergarten, my classmate had an Idea. “Maybe,” she said, “you are not meant to be exceptional by yourself. Maybe you are meant toContinue reading “If Genius is not found, then find Husband.”