Reading helps

My parents decided to have a night out without children. They had thought the aforementioned children were fast asleep, but only one was, my sister. I was not. I heard noises in the living room and suspecting foul play I yelled for mom until she finally gave up and came into the room. ‘Mom! WhyContinue reading “Reading helps”

Queen of the reading game

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, lived a beautiful and powerful Queen. She had lots of land, servants, a great big army, a whole fleet, food to feed seven kingdoms and a cat.         The Queen had a tinsy winsy problem going to sleep during her bed time. So everyContinue reading “Queen of the reading game”

Violin episode, or How I learned to think things through….

Now, I know that most children ask for things like toys and sweets and other generally fun things. They do not ask to be separated from toys and other generally fun things in favor of hours of practicing a musical instrument. That is the job of a parent. Not so in my case. I didContinue reading “Violin episode, or How I learned to think things through….”

For my sister who for some unknown to me reason likes the Game of Thrones thingy

Many years ago, for a Very Short Time I was the center of my family. I was the Queen of the castle, the center of the universe, the bees knees and what have you. Everything revolved around me. Especially the sun. Life was excellent.   Just as I was getting used to being the only trueContinue reading “For my sister who for some unknown to me reason likes the Game of Thrones thingy”

Don’t you wanna Fanta?

(Let me just say, in my defense, this story takes place in the entrepreneurial ’80s.) On my 6th birthday I received as a present a set of watercolors. My parents and their friends got to celebrate this auspicious  occasion by breaking out bottles of FANTA. For a 6 year old, FANTA, the magic drink, wouldContinue reading “Don’t you wanna Fanta?”

Part 2 – 1st grade

When I entered school, my biggest problem  was my 1st grade teacher Antonina Pavlovna. *This is a cautionary tale for kids and their parents. Be nice to your teachers. This is what used to pass for educators twenty years ago. Antonina Pavlovna had many hobbies. She liked to exercise her vocal cords. She liked to exercise herContinue reading “Part 2 – 1st grade”