Reading helps

My parents decided to have a night out without children. They had thought the aforementioned children were fast asleep, but only one was, my sister. I was not. I heard noises in the living room and suspecting foul play I yelled for mom until she finally gave up and came into the room.

‘Mom! Why are you wearing your coat? Are you going out?!’

‘No. No I am not. I am just cold. Now go back to bed and if I hear a peep out of this room while I sit in my coat, my boots, hat and gloves and try to warm up in the next room, you will be very sorry.’

Either my mother did not know how to lie to save her skin, or she really thought her children were that gullible.

In either case, the door closed and I was alone in the darkness. With my sister snorring away in her happy dreamland which I longed to join.

I heard every creak in the apartment and every gust of wind outside my window. My imagination ran wild.

Branches and leaves of the tree knocking on my window suddenly became venomous Snakes and Wild Beasts ready to break throw the window and attack me!

There was only one thing to do to defend myself and that was to read away the terrors. Of course I had just learned to read so I had to do it aloud to make my imaginary friends feel more real and to wake up my sister in the process. (she hadn’t learned how to read yet, so my ability fascinated her)

By the time my parents finally got home, we had created our own Jungle and were happy hunting the evil snake.(dad’work tie)

Needless to say we were not to stay home alone again for a very long time.


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