For my sister who for some unknown to me reason likes the Game of Thrones thingy

Many years ago, for a Very Short Time I was the center of my family. I was the Queen of the castle, the center of the universe, the bees knees and what have you. Everything revolved around me. Especially the sun. Life was excellent.



Just as I was getting used to being the only true Queen of the Universe, someone quietly invaded my kingdom.


A brand spanking shiny baby sister had stolen my thunder. And just like that my Very Short Time was up.

Suddenly it seemed that all my former admirers had jumped ship. Relatives from far away would come bearing gifts for the new baby girl born just few weeks before Christmas.



When we went for obligatorily slow strolls, it was the bundle in the stroller that got all the attention and the admiration. I was old news.


But it was seeing my favorite grandparent sing my bedtime story to the baby that drove me bonkers. I knew I wasn’t dealing with an amateur, this was a professional invader. And so I did what anyone in the older sister situation would do  – retreat whilst plotting to regain my rightful place on the Throne as the Queen of the Universe.



And it finally worked.



Revenge is not just a TV show.


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