A few years back I worked as a bouncer for my friend Jennifer Lester’s (aka Lingvall now) Social Mess Halloween Party at the Buckhead Theater.


I was the decorative bouncer, the real muscle was behind me.


I took the money and complimented the really good costumes.


Everything was going well until some tiny blue fairy with very very pretty wings decided to get past me with “My friend has my money inside, please let me find her”.


I waited and waited for the blue fairy to come back, but she never did.


I had horns on for a reason. No blue fairy was going to lie to the Devil and get away with it!


I tracked her down.


“Sorry,” she said, “I have no money.” But it was no longer about the money. It was payback time.


So I took her costume.


Revenge- gives me wings:))

Happy Halloween!

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